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09 September 2014

The JEN Facebook SLikebox lets you share your latest Tweets with your website visitors, the simple but powerful Joomla 1.7 to 3.0 module is easy to install and has a ton of options to help customise for your needs.

jQuery sidebar position
Customise all colors to match your template.
Round or Square corners.
5 different Facebook buttons
Set the number of Tweets.
Set the speed the sidebar opens and closes.
Disable jQuery if already loaded by other extensions.
Works with the JSE Facebook SideBar Slider.

DEMO: You can see the JSE Facebook Likebox in action on this page, hover over the the Facebook button on the left.

Note: If you want to use this module together with the other JSE sidebar Slider modules, you must get the order of the modules correct in the Joomla admin to avoid overlapping sidebar


Title: Give your module a name. and make the title hidden if necessary.

Module Position: Publish the module to any active position on the template, Look for Debug or footer as these normally work perfectly

Basic Options

Your Facebook ID: go to this page (http://findmyfacebookid.com/) and then put your facebook page URL like http://www.facebook.com/Google and then click look up for numeric ID.

Will find something like it: 104958162837

Copy it and paste it into Your Facebook Id Field.

Display Stream: Choose either you want to show the Stream or Not.

Margin Top - Height & Width: Their you have to Put Numeric Number as per your need.

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